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Formaldehyde Screen Check Formaldehyde Screen Check

  • Can be used to measure personal exposure or room exposure
  • Easy to use and inexpensive
  • Data validated for accuracy  
  • Meets OSHA accuracy Requirements
  • Patented product (badges)
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Evalue Aire
Evalu-air The evalu-aire kit was developed by the interdisciplinary scientists at Building Health Check. It is a simple, inexpensive, and quantitative battery of indoor air quality tests designed to identify baseline IAQ conditions of homes and buildings. Many industry professionals along with consumers world-wide have used the evalu-aire to evaluate indoor air pollutant levels, screen complaint areas, and determine baseline IAQ levels.

All evalu-aire samples are processed at the state of the art Environmental Diagnostic Laboratory (EDLab) and are professionally analyzed and identified by experienced Microbiologists, Mycologists, and Microscopists. Prompt laboratory turnaround times and professional IAQ reports are standard with this program.

There are many evalu-aire test kit options to choose from, or a kit can be customized for your specific needs. Please call to inquire about your evalu-aire options, or choose from the Product list (left) to learn more.

Professional Air Testing Products

evalu-aire 2000

evalu-aire Basic

IAQ Contractors Tool Box

evalu-aire 4000

evalu-aire Standard

IAQ School Tool Box

evalu-aire 5000

evalu-aire Pro


evalu-aire Test Your Nest

evalu-aire Pro Plus



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